Fire Alarm Systems

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We know that whenever there is building work in your home, it causes disruption. Maybin Electrical aims to keep these disruptions at a minimum by trying to schedule our work at a time which suits you & your family, taking time to truly understand your requirements before starting and by ensuring our team tidy up before leaving each day.

What do we cover

From medium sized buildings to small shops & offices, conventional fire alarm systems are a cost effective way to ensure you have a means of detecting & warning of fire. Detectors can be installed into zones so that when a detector is triggered the fire alarm control panel can indicate which zone it has been triggered in, giving the client or the fire brigade an indication of the area of activation. Maybin Electrical can connect conventional fire alarm systems with other fire alarm panels on site or install communicators, which are monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensuring a rapid response from the emergency services.


Things to bear in mind

Installing access control systems will provide you controller access to areas that are restricted, ranging from whole buildings to certain rooms. Access control installer team from London Electricians can supply and install solutions to help you forget about keys and the hassle of losing your key. The access control systems we install can be tailored to allow you to place restrictions on time and level of access.

Core Services


Ensure your home meets safety regulations and quality standards.

Fuse Boards

Guarantee that your fuse board meets regulatory and quality standards.

Additional Circuits

Expand your existing circuits safely and compliantly.

Lighting Solutions

Install new lighting products safely, outdoors and indoors.

Outdoor Electrics

Install lights, pumps or sockets in your garden or driveway.

Charging Stations

Source and install the best-in-class charging stations for your electric car.

Intruder Alarms

We can help you source and install industry leading alarm solutions.

CCTV Solutions

We can help you increase the security of your house with cameras.

Access Control

Replacement locks & technology-aided access devices.

Intercom Access

Replace or install intercom devices and let the right visitors in.

Fire Systems

Install or upgrade Fire Systems to detect smoke and fires.

Smart Homes

Want to turn the lights on or thermostat down whilst in bed or on holiday? Let us help.

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